Scheduling Classes

The academic year scheduling process.

This section provides Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about creating and revising scheduling request records in Sched Dev. Click on a category heading or click on an individual FAQ (if you don't see the specific topic you are looking for, click on a category heading on this page).

The quarterly scheduling process is illustrated above. Please note that there are deadlines and/or dates assigned for only some of the steps in the process. The quarterly scheduling deadlines are indicated on the CCLP Welcome page and are also listed on the Key Dates page of the CCLP Web Site.

Scheduling a New Class

Searching Scheduling Records

Entering Meeting Days, Times, Rooms, and Room Features

Entering Lg Room Request Information

Entering Instructors

Entering Enrollment Values

Entering Scheduling and Registrar Comments

Secondary Sections

About One-offs

About the Batch Scheduling Process

About the TA Batch Process

Troubleshooting Error Messages

Other Scheduling Topics

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