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This page contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the CCLP Welcome page. Click on a topic to select below for information on that question or issue. If you don't find the answer to your CCLP question, try putting a keyword or phrase into the Search CCLP field (in the upper right corner) and press Return or you can submit an idea for a FAQ.

Q: I need edit access to a department and subject that are not listed in the Department and Subject dropdown lists on the Welcome page.
To gain edit access to additional departments or subjects please contact your divisional curriculum analyst or contact Corinne.

Q: When I try opening the CCLP, I get the following message: GlobalSubject_Edit" is defined to contain only specific values. You must enter a valid value.
You may have tried to type in the Dept or Subject field. From the error message, click Revert field, then select an option from the dropdown list of departments or subjects.

Q: I don't see a year indicated when I go to the Welcome Page. How do I select a year?
A: Click on the field next to Select Year and select a year from the dropdown list.

Q: What does it mean when I select a year from the Select Year dropdown?
A: When you select a year from the Select Year dropdown, the following data will correspond to that academic year: Sched Dev, AIS Sched, Reports.

Q: What is the difference between Edit Mode and Read-Only access?
A: Edit Mode provides you with edit access to the Sched Dev, Cat Dev, Faculty, and Support data for those departments and subjects associated with your account. It also provides you with read-only access to the AIS Cat and AIS Sched data. Read-Only access provides you the ability to view CCLP data and reports for any department and subject, college, or division; it does not enable you to edit any records. If you need edit access to a department or subject that you currently do not have access to, please contact your Divisional Curriculum Analyst.

Q: On the Key Dates section there is a column that says Quarterly Snapshot. Below the table it says Due Date for TA Batch and final changes to current quarter. What is meant by final changes to current quarter?
A: Final changes to current quarter refers to the due date, set by the Registrar's Office, to get your one-off changes into the Registrar's Office so the data can be prepared prior to taking the Quarterly Snapshot. If you have changes to instructors after that date, you still need to do a one off to make sure that instructors and grading are correctly set up in AIS, but please be aware that late changes may not be reflected in the quarterly snapshot. If you have specific questions regarding the Quarterly Snapshot, please contact Margie Claxton.

Q: On the Key Dates section there is a column that says Batch Scheduling. What is meant by Batch Scheduling?
A: The Batch Scheduling is a quarterly process where all scheduling requests for a particular term are sent collectively via an interface to AIS. Independent Studies courses are excluded from the Batch process. See About Batch Scheduling Process and Batch Scheduling for detailed information.

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