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About Reports

Troubleshooting Reports

Q: How do you run the Registrar Schedule Request report?
To run the Registrar Schedule Request report:

  1. From the CCLP Welcome screen make sure you have the Academic Year selected
  2. From the CCLP menu, select Reports
  3. From the Reports screen, select Registrar Schedule Request (a dialog box will open).
  4. From the dialog box, select a term or leave blank for all terms.
  5. Click Scheduling Report.
  6. The Report will display. If you want to save the report to a PDF, click Save as PDF (from the button on top of the screen). If you want to print the report, click Print.
  7. To close the displayed Registrar Schedule Request report, click the Continue button (on the top right of the screen)

Q: When I view the 3 Column Report, there is an entry in the equivalencies section that is moved down one line. The equivalency is for STAFF, POLI.LADDER.
This behavior is happening because there is not sufficient room to display the instructor name. Upper case characters take up more space. In the example, the instructor name has all upper case letters. If you were to go to the Faculty record (on the Faculty menu) and modify the case of the name to STAFF, POLI.Ladder the name should appear on the correct line. If you need additional assistance, please contact your divisional curriculum analyst.

Q: When I view the 3 Column Report, there is a course that only lists one instructor but in Sched Dev there are two instructors on the Instructors tabbed area.
The 3 Column Report is designed to list just one instructor. The instructors that is highest alphabetically (descending order) will be listed. Other reports lists all the instructors for a given class; however, the 3 Column Report just lists one instructor.

Q: Which report should I run to review the TA entries prior to my running the TA Batch?
Prior to running the TA Batch, you should run the TA Turnaround report (from the Reports menu) and review it. For information on preparing for the TA Batch see How to Run the TA Batch.

Q: When I view the Course Costs report, I don't see any results.
There are a few explanations.

  1. First, make sure you are in the correct academic year. If you selected an academic year from the Welcome screen that does not have any Sched Dev records then the Course Cost report will be empty.
  2. Another cause for this behavior is if all the Sched Dev records have instructors or TAs that are not paid by your login department. An example is DANM, where the courses are not paid by DANM but are paid by other departments. When one runs the Course Costs report it will be blank because DANM does not have course costs.

Q: On the Large Lecture Request report, the Previous Enrollment value is not displaying.
The Previous Enrollment value will be filled in, with 3rd week enrollment data, if the course was offered during the previous year in the same term as the Sched Dev record. If the course was offered in the previous year during a different term, the Previous Enrollment field will not be filled in.

Q: When I run the 3 Column Report, the entire report is repeated.
If you notice that the entire 3 Column Report information is repeated, please contact Corinne to report this issue.

Q: How can I view if I have any unsent one-offs?
The Unsent One-offs Report lists any Sched Dev records that have unsent one-offs for the selected academic year (and selected term if applicable). To run this report:

  1. From the CCLP menu, click Reports.
  2. From the second column of reports, select Sched Dev One-off Reports. A popup window will appear.
  3. Select a term from the list (or leave the term value blank).
  4. Click Unsent One-offs
  5. The Unsent One-offs Report will display if there are any unsent one-offs for the selected academic year (and term if applicable).
  6. Click the blue Continue button to close the report.
  7. To run the report for a different academic year you will need to select that academic year from the Welcome page and then repeat steps 1-6.

Q: I saved a report to a .PDF file. When I open the .PDF file in Acrobat, I receive an error and the .PDF file is incomplete. I am using FileMaker Pro 14.
When opening a .PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, that was generated from FileMaker 14, Acrobat reports an error and the .PDF file doesn't look right (it may be missing information and the formatting may be incorrect). Apparently there may be a FileMaker 14 bug and FileMaker is looking into it. Other FileMaker users (that don't use the CCLP) have reported this behavior as well. This behavior did not exist in FileMaker versions prior to 14. Here are some workarounds to viewing a PDF file generated from FileMaker 14:

  • If you need to open a PDF use the Apple "Preview" app if you are using a Mac. Once you save the file to your computer, go to the Finder, right-click on the PDF file, choose Open With, and select Preview.
  • If you attach the PDF in an email message you can view the PDF from the email message.

Q: How to view what one-offs will be sent tonight
To view a list of one-offs that will be sent tonight:

  1. Click Reports.
  2. From the list of reports, select Sched Dev One-offs (it's the first report in the second column of reports).
  3. A popup will appear. Select One-offs Sent Tonight. If you want you can also specify a single term.
  4. The report results will list any one-offs that will be sent tonight. To scroll through additional pages, click on the right arrow on the upper left side of the report. The report results are only specific to that point in time on the current day. If you run the report on the next day the results will be different.

Q: What data is shown on the Course Costs report?
The Course Cost report lists courses for the selected department that have costs for TAs, CA, Readers, Readers, Tutors, and Lecturers. Non-department courses with temporary academic staff that are paid by the selected department are also listed. Department courses that do not have temporary academic staff are not listed in the Course Costs report.

Q: On the Faculty Workload report what is meant by Wk 3 Enroll?
Wk 3 Enroll refers to the total 3rd week enrollment. If a course is crosslisted the 3 Wk Enroll will show the total 3rd week enrollment (the sum total of the 3rd week enrollment values for all courses that are part of the crosslisted course).

Q: On the Faculty Workload report what is meant by Share Pct?
Share Pct refers to the allocation for that faculty member. For example, if a course has two instructors the individual allocation (or Share Pct) would likely be .5 for each instructor.

Q: On the Faculty Workload report what is meant by Count?
Count refers to the calculated Workload Count. If a course has a quarterly override value, the Count will be equal to the quarterly override. If a course does not have a quarterly override value but does have a Cat Dev override value, the Count will be equal to the Cat Dev override. If a course does not have a quarterly override value or Cat Dev override value, the Count will be equal to the default Workload (one fifth of the Credits amount).

Q: On the Faculty Workload report what is meant by Workload?
Workload refers to the calculated product of the Share Pct and the Count.

Q: An instructor is not appearing on the Faculty Workload report
If an instructor is not appearing on the Faculty Workload report, check the Faculty record and make sure the instructor's status is either Hired or Pending.

Q: What is the difference between running a draft and an official report?
By default, reports are run in draft mode. Some reports have the option to be run as an official report. Draft reports will list instructor information as it appears in the CCLP in Sched Dev. Official reports will list an instructor as Staff if they do not have a real Cruz ID and/or they are not marked as Hired and Approved. The Official report gives a true representation of what information will be sent in the Batch scheduling.

Q: Which report(s) can I run that will list the actual end of term enrollment?
The Course Enrollments report will list the end term of enrollment if the end of term enrollment data has been loaded into the CCLP. Also you can run the 3 Column Report and select from the CLP Report Setup popup select Ending Enrollment from the Show Enrollments option.

Q: 3 Column Report has a row listed without a course number. What is causing this?
This behavior can happen if the course number in a Cat Dev record has a hard carriage return. Besides not listing a course number all the rows below it will be shifted down a row and it will throw off the results. This is an easy adjustment to make but please contact Corinne for assistance with resolving this as there could be other issues going on as well that may need to be considered.

Q: How to run a report that shows Sched Dev records with faculty who are not marked hired and approved
If an instructor's appointment is not yet active or is pending, you should leave the Hired App checkbox unchecked on the Instructor's tabbed area in Sched Dev. The Hired App checkbox should only be checked when the instructor is hired and has an active appointment.

To view a report that lists those Sched Dev records with instructors that do not have the Hired App checkbox checked follow these steps:

  1. From the menu, select Reports.
  2. From the rightmost column of reports, select Analytics Reports.
  3. From the left column of analytic reports, select report #24 'Class Personnel Not Marked Hired/Approved'.
  4. From the dialog box, select the term, then click Continue.
  5. Review the results. To close the report click the Continue button (on the far right side).

Once the instructor has an active appointment, you can mark the Hired App checkbox as checked.

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Q: What does the Popup Option: Primary Dept Faculty Only mean?
 When running a report and checking the checkbox option: Primary Dept Faculty Only (on the report popup) if a course is crosslisted the course will only appear on the report if the department you are logged into the CCLP with is the department of record on the catalog record (in other words, course offering 1). It is recommended that you do not check the Primary Dept Faculty Only option when running reports.

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