Campus CLP Support Contacts

If you have questions about the Campus CLP, please contact the CCLP Subject Matter Expert (SME) for your division:

Arts   Corinne O'Connell 831-459-3044
Humanities   Meg Lehr 
Physical & Biological Sciences Travis Wiggans 831-459-4086
Social Sciences Jill Esteras 831-459-3995
School of Engineering Ann Pham 831-459-2887
Colleges Corinne O'Connell 831-459-3044

If you are unable to reach the CCLP SME for your division, please contact Corinne O'Connell at 831-459-3044.

Campus CLP Service Team

Corinne O'Connell Service Manager, Project Manager/Analyst
John Bartlett Academic Enterprise Manager
Jill Esteras Academic Planning and Curriculum Analyst
Chris Paradies Divisional Curriculum Analyst
Margaret Claxton Associate Registrar
Meg Lehr Curriculum Analyst
Travis Wiggans
Academic Program Analyst
Ann Pham Sr. Planning and Resource Analyst
Paul Bauman Developer
Hong Nguyen Developer